Karen Hardy: An Old Soul In A Young Town

After four years of honing her sound in New Jersey, pop/R&B singer Karen Hardy felt she had done all of the growing that she could do in The Garden State. About a year ago, she decided the next step was Music City.

Karen is a walking contradiction in many regards: a melodically focused writer in a city full of lyricists, a millenial who’s almost always in bed by 10pm, a lover of seventh chords and key changes in a three-chord town, and a fiercely independent woman with an equally intense love for her family. She has the voice, originality, and poise of someone much older and consistently blows away audiences with her refined vocal agility and pronounced passion. She moved to Nashville to write melodies that move people, and she is doing just that.

This young songstress has big dreams and an even bigger heart. When asked what her dream day would be, without hesitation she said it would be playing the Super Bowl. Instead of renting out a rooftop bar afterwards though, she would prefer to cap the day off with a small celebration with close friends and family. At the core of Karen is unparalleled authenticity, which comes through in both her personality and music. Her ultimate goal is not to be famous— it’s to have real fans. While she does want to sell out Madison Square Garden, her main goal is to release music that people just like her can emotionally connect with.

Growing up on the east coast, she was lucky to have even one friend who was vaguely musical, but since she moved south, all of her new friends are musicians. Karen notes that being surrounded by so many talented, like-minded individuals has done more for her craft in the past year than the previous five years she spent pursuing music. However, it’s hard being so far from your roots. Karen often visits home, where she can spend time with her two older brothers. Since her brothers have special needs, she hopes that one day she’ll be making enough money to build an incredible group home that they would be able to live in.

So far in Nashville, Karen has played at 8 off 8th, opened at Exit/In, and serenaded audiences at countless writers rounds all over the city. Armed with a hollow body guitar and a seemingly infinite vocal range, her tone is unmistakable. She generated a lot of buzz with her first single since moving to Nashville, “Never Do.”The song, co-written with Brandon Meagherand and Chelsea Balan, perfectly aligns pop melodies with the soul of the blues.

Her newest single dropped yesterday, a bop called “Nobody,” co-written and produced with the same all-star team as her last single. Karen’s vocals are just as smooth as ever, with unparalleled musical motifs complemented by her always interesting production choices. You’ll be rolling down your window singing along all summer long. This shimmery, lighthearted tune is the perfect addition to your summer vibes playlist, and you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

This R&B angel’s new single is a must-listen, so make sure to keep up with Karen and check out her original music.